Alberto González

Illustrator, UX designer, information architect

Personal Developments

All-Ages Illustrations and Stories

I am passionate for all things illustration, comics and animation for younger audiences and this is my art portfolio. Visit

UX and Web Design Portfolio

Spanning about two decades of experience in web and UX design for a wide variety of clients. Visit

Creative Studio - coming 2018

Creative studio branding / label for illustration, creative design and A/V work either from me or in collaboration with other artists/agencies. 

Archived past projects

I have launched many personal web projects since 1999. These are the ones I could find, make work online, preserve and show here today.  A kind of personal time capsule, slightly embarrassing at times but also showing the personal side of me.

[2003-2006, Spanish] This version combined an extensive blog, a work portfolio and photos from my travels.

[2011, Spanish] An all-ages webcomic project featuring original characters. I still want to retake this project in some form. 

[2006, Spanish] I love music and specially well recorded and reproduced music. This is from a period when I was more of an audio nerd than I am today. It was fun.

[2008-2015, Spanish] I have always been a prolific writer. This is the second iteration of the 2006 blog. These days you'll likely find me on Twitter or Instagram instead.

Get in touch

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